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Play all the included songs and any other song you can find or create.

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Purchase an unlock key, learn how to play any song

All 150+ included songs are available immediately and Synthesia can help you practice any MIDI song you can find or create.

Unlocking removes all demo restrictions including the time limit on outside songs. You'll also get access to the simple multi-track recording features on the Free Play screen.

How long does it last?

Buy once, play forever!

Your Synthesia unlock is NOT a subscription. All future updates are included with your one-time purchase at no additional charge. With dozens of major updates over more than a decade, rest easy knowing your purchase will continue to be supported for years to come.

Where will my purchase work?

Everywhere, if you buy it here.

Apple's Family Sharing works with Synthesia's in-app purchase on the iPad.

Google's Family Library doesn't work with in-app purchases. The easiest workaround is to purchase an unlock key from our website instead of buying inside the Android app. A website unlock key always works on all of your family's PC, Mac, iPad, and Android devices, simultaneously.

(Unfortunately, both app stores impose a lot of their own rules. Because of the limitations on in-app purchases, their purchase price is lower than an unlock key from this website.)

Try it Free

Choose any song in Synthesia's list with an open padlock icon to try everything totally free, right now.

Of the 150+ songs included with Synthesia, more than 20 of them are available to experience everything Synthesia has to offer. If you don't have Synthesia yet, download it right away.

The free download is also a great way to test whether your digital piano setup will work with Synthesia. All MIDI device features (like lighted key support) are available in the free version so you can make sure everything works before you buy.

What about refunds?

Any reason, no questions asked.

We are pretty sure you're going to love Synthesia, but if you do run into any trouble or decide that the app isn't for you, we offer refunds for unlock keys purchased on this website with no questions asked. We're able to refund purchases made through PayPal for up to 180 days after your purchase. For other payment methods we're able to give refunds up to 120 days after your purchase.

Our support assistant tool can help with most unlock key related issues—including refunds—for purchases made on our website, here.

For in-app purchases in the iPad or Android versions of Synthesia, refunds can be requested through Apple or Google, respectively. For Apple, this guide on their website has instructions. For Google Play purchases, visit your Google Play account, find your Synthesia purchase in the order history list, click the three-dot icon at the right, choose "Report a problem", and follow the instructions there.

Synthesia in the Classroom

Get group keys with volume discounts.

Synthesia is licensed on a per-seat basis to educational organizations like classrooms and private studios. Be sure to pick "Educational Organization" on the ordering page. Any volume discount you're eligible for is applied automatically.

Classroom keys start at the same price as personal home-use keys, and eventually become even cheaper with the volume discount.

If you'll be using Synthesia in your classroom, we have a Classroom Guide to help you get things up and running in a networked environment.

Unlock Synthesia for only $39 $29

Play all the included songs and any other song you can find or create.

Buy Now

Get your unlock key in about 90 seconds!